The Red Tent

The Red Tent

   I was deeply touched by the story of Dinah in the book and film, The Red Tent. It is much more than a story of her life and times to me. The circle of sisterhood is deeply felt, and one of great spiritual significance in the family of women. I treasure the devotion of the Mothers, and that they honored the Mother of us all. It came as no surprise that Jacob destroyed their clay representation of her, all through the ages, and particularly in the Bible, little is mentioned of the divine women and the root of us all; the connection we as humans have with Mother Earth.

   This Classical Ambient collaboration with Simon Reich is the circle of life, and the sacred bond of womanhood in song.
The piano part was something that came to me one day at my sisters house. I remember that it was like speaking a beautiful psalm or poem. I only had a scratchy recorder with me at the time, and months later I asked Simon Reich if he could recreate it. I deeply value the care he took in phrasing it just the way it happened, and the lilting sacred sound at it’s heart. I added the music arrangement of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes because, It is my wish, and my dream that all people will honor Womankind and cherish the Divine Nature within us all.

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Unicorn Giraffe

Now an e book with five original video’s of delightful music for tablets.

Unicorn Giraffe

The Unicorn Giraffe is now an e book! Yes and the best part of this is that all five of the the music videos are included in the wonderful price of just 5.99. Here is the link to the Unicorn Giraffe where you can preview the first 10 pages

Now here is a lasting treasure to share with your children or your grandchildren, even counselors will love the message of this colorful and endearing tale of a unicorn giraffe.

Unicorn Giraffe by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman Unicorn Giraffe by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman

A Unicorn Giraffe finds a friend in himself first before he can find friendship with others. It is a spiritual journey with deeply rich colorful magical illustrations by Teddi Rutschman, written by Laura Botsford and inspired by her original song. Soft Cover -Standard Landscape-34 pages

Ages 2-10  and the Forever Young ISBN- 978-1-62620-112-5

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Sand Poem

Ancient Bells


To believe that you echo me is to hear the bell chimes from long ago.

There is star dust in my flesh.

There are deserts in my eyes, and my feet are lit with a fresh wind where my soul and heart shall mesh

I see you now… it is you that I feel

Still I ask, “Will you stay? Are you real?”

Somewhere a leaf has fallen

It lands on sapphire water

I hear you calling.

I see your footprints in the sand.

The flame is burning the wood

There is no time to be false

For the camel nears the eye

And my days are beautiful in the heart of God

This wave of salvation carries me

From out of the foundation of collective memory, I deepen

In wide expansive spirals, I coast across the sea

These winks from the stars guide my way, as God wants me to know Her endless light.

And in the rocking lull, I wistfully sail above the troubled  fright

Faithfully pray for her angel’s embrace

Here along the sand,  in poems  that lovers write



Spirit of Gaia


   The Gaia Goddess embodies the depths of her femininity, her limitless source of creativity, compassion is her strength. The Divine Feminine is coming into harmony, emerging from the darkness, reclaiming her power. She will no longer be silenced or dehumanized. Her powers of empathy and intuition are being awakened as we integrate the masculine and feminine into our being, in balance once again. The goddess will no longer be suppressed, manipulated, and made inferior to the patriarchal system. She will awaken to her sensual, erotic power, with no fear of the depth of her emotions and passions.

  She is the future, the compassionate visionary; creating a beautiful Golden Age on Gaia where we live in enlightened communities that are  in harmony with the earth and each other.



Portland Reflections – Laura Botsford

Bayou life revisited – excerpt from an up coming book Northern Bell by Laura Botsford

Delta My Home

Lake Wilson Painting                    by Laura Botsford

Portland, Arkansas has a beauty all of its own.   The following excerpt is from  ‘Beyond Bartholomew, The Portland Area History’  – Rebecca DeArmond-Huskey              

  “We Want 5,ooo People By 1909”

   More people, more commerce, more prosperity. In the early 1900’s , Dr. F. M. Sherrer was advertising to sell farm and timber land “from $7.00 to $25.00 an acre.” In a published pamphlet he wrote an irresistible invitation to come to the land of  plenty       

” …situated in a country where the roses bloom the whole year round, as snow and ice are seldom present, but where the sun shines warm every day. Where the mockingbirds wake you at the first peep of day by filing the soft dewy breezes with sweet music. In the Sunny South where the sugar cane and melons grow; where the cricket chirps his sweet good-night…

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Balcony of Poetsin blu green


       The Balcony – Laura Botsford


In this frosted dust, the sad, sacred feeling of her missing touch

Whose letters scripted by times quill have not forgotten

Her gentle hand that so loving smoothed my childhood hair when I was troubled and moody

Whose wise words and caring concern brought light into my tribulations so that I could stand  on my own and regain my footing

In all ways my mother made me what am.

Her beauty surrounds me still

For her spirit is ever lasting

Though I keep the memories in a box beside my bed

I will always remember every day the words she speaks in wind

“I am not gone, just away and someday we will meet again.

For this sorrow is a short separation in the expanse of infinity.

My hand forever will be upon your head; my love is ever with thee, and in the times   when you think you are alone.

Look around and listen, for I am speaking there from the everlasting bond that we so dearly share.

Calling softly your name from my balcony, still smoothing out  all  your restless, troubling cares.”


Maternal Affection

   Hugues MERLE Maternal Affection   A woman who is nurturing gives freely of her gentle embrace. We hold our children dear, always keeping in mind that they will learn far more by our actions. We know that it is not just our child that we are raising, but the our lineage  will flourish on earth someday.  Our children are the mothers to a future that continues in hopeful faith and shall truly emanate Mother Nature’s God given Grace in times all their own, with fresh vision and promise for a better world.

   I believe that every child comes to this planet not only with their own soul plan but one that is a collective consciousness of their own generations era. I was born in a time when social change was needed, civil rights, ecology concerns a must, and economic responsibility for a shared world. It is not that removed from my parents for want of a better world. They wanted to raise us in a safe world as well, to have opportunities for education and personal peace. But their idea of what this should look like was born out of hard years in the depression, and threatened by a World War that fortified the course of their own generations convictions.

   My middle class, safe upbringing was truly cherished. I was blessed and knew that I was. Yet, as I grew older, I sorely realized that much of  this big world was still impoverished, unjust and disenfranchised. The fault of the feminist movement was not imbuing women with a sense of global importance on the everlasting value of raising sound minded children. Instilling tenderness is paramount and nurturing their creative natural velocities is supremely key to becoming  a well rounded, compassionate adult.

   My father valued intelligent women, but still held to the belief that ,”Women go to college to find a good husband, a woman’s place is in the home and husbands are the breadwinners.” He could not foresee the economic and social challenges that were about to take place in his daughters. Each one of us came with a heart for all people, our minds too were devoted to, “making the world a better place.” What we all proposed to do would be controversial, even dangerous and surely difficult. They had only our best interest in mind and feared for us with good reason. I can’t fault them for being less than enthusiastic of our dreams and aspirations. But none of us would be deterred from the, “Road less traveled,” and there are far greater dangers in the world especially apathy, social sarcasm, inequality and the loss of hope that will tear a young goddess apart with to much domesticity. All of these social changes were important to my generation and we viewed the world as a place that needed spiritual, social, and human endeavors as our destination to be firstly  fulfilled.

   Throughout history, womankind has always had her champions of the feminine brilliance and social and spiritual leaders of her time. Teachers of self, independents and feminine freedom evolutionists; their journeys truly having a place as inspirers to the soul journeyers and global shift paradigms for better. Some were martyrs, some were educators, some became seers and caretakers of the earth. But I felt differently, I already knew much more than I was giving myself credit for, and some things were in my mind, an already,  been there, done that.  It seemed like I was wearing old clothes when I had a closet of new ones.

   Motherhood, a benchmark or a mission? Is it something I wanted, or was I just expected to have children? Would I belong to a higher order of woman kind as it were, or was it just in my heart to carry and guide a soul to earth?

   I got my last doll when I was twelve and a half. We were vacationing in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota and picking up a few things at Woolworths when I saw a round seal faced little love with eyes big that spread almost to the temples. I had to have her. It was a peculiar mix of emotions. My father asked, “You really want a doll? You are almost thirteen. Aren’t you getting a little to old for dolls?” It’s funny but I still remember all the feelings and thoughts of that moment. I felt the passing of childhood slipping into a long gap when I would not have a doll baby to pretend with until I had a real girl all my own and that made me sad, a little scared too.  What if I never met someone I liked, what if I couldn’t have children? What then? My journey would always just be about me and that vacuous uncertainty of what that would be was all in front of me now when I turned into a teenager. It was clear to me then that I was born to be a mother too, whatever else I came to do in this world would be secondary.

   But the world was unjust, the world could be cruel and did I really want to bring a child to the planet where many people had fallen short of the one consciousness that holds us in her arms. When I opened the cellophane box and gathered her in a blanket, holding her close to my heart, I felt at peace. She was no ordinary doll, she was messenger from the future.

   I travelled for several years after High School, found my muse in the arts, loved a few guys, who drifted away until I met my husband. It’s true what they say about just knowing that this is the one you will share your life with. ” I really could see my children in his eyes. That’s a glorious moment. That ancient longing came flooding over me. And although I didn’t want to admit that I loved this guy, I could feel my future children strongly pulling on my skirt, sweetly nudging me to say, ” yes.”

   It was a few years later when I became pregnant. I couldn’t believe it, finally! I kept a journal, where I had time to take copious notes and record the experience in poetic metaphors and of the times we were living in.

March 1st -1981

“You are three months old, that BB, before birth. I am very happy and excited that you are growing inside like a waxing moon, nearing fullness with a little more brightness each day. Yes, happy and a little apprehensive. The Doctor tells me I might not have a very easy time, but I’ve got faith in us kid. I am a little frightened of the times, inflation is awful, eighty cents for bread and gas is $1.38 a gallon and rising every moth, much like my tummy., only without hope and twinkling of a blessing to come. Foreign affairs are stressful with Russia. Poland is gaining in it’s workers strike against the government, the Wall is still up and El Salvador citizens struggle for help. US intervention filtering into their country and it smells like another Viet Nam. But then again, when was there a child born when there weren’t any problems in the world? Maybe that’s why the children keep coming to help fix the messes adults make. It would all be solved if we all remembered when we were children and just wanted to be loved and safe.

March 31st 1981

   I dreamt of you this morning. In truth there were five babies. Dad and I were choosing between them. We held all of them, sometimes two at a time, All of them were most lovable, we couldn’t decide, we ended up choosing two. We held them close, remarking, “How can we not want all of them, two of them were Mexican, one of them oriental, one looked like Leo and one looked like me and another looked like a bit of each of us, he was the one we chose, the little rascal and you my precious daughter.  (which I didn’t know then that she was girl, but felt from the beginning she was.)

   The day finally came. I never will forget the first time I saw your face. It was a couple of days later because it was a difficult birth that I got to see you. The doctor came in and said, “What do you think of your little girl?” I haven’t seen her yet,” I told him. And like a court attendant announcing royalty to a grand ball, in his most pronounced voice said,  “Nurse, bring her the baby Botsford.” It was funny and kind of ionic, for she is the Queen of my heart. When they brought her in, I lit up with warmth and joy, “There’s my baby!” She heard my voice from across the room, and strained to turn her little round head towards me.  I could see her big eyes fill with recognition. The nurse put her in my arms and to my amazement, she looked just like that doll from so many years ago; her little seal face with the round and perfect head with eyes, so big, they almost went to her temples.

My Wonderful Children – Rhiannon and Dustin Botsford


Piano Rooms

   How sweet it is to find friends in the piano rooms of web spaces interwoven with fresh  originality and wondrous expressions of completely new sounds!   Such is the joy of collaborations and the muse for a musician’s soul path. Recently I had the distinct honor and  joy of collaborating with Simon Reich on sound cloud. These moments of coalescing the collective vapors are truly exhilarating, in a world of musical isolation for some, such as myself I welcome the opportunity for creating with others. I have always favored harmonies over lead vocals. I marvel at how truly ascetic the experience is to blend voices and attain the one voice   a chord and resonates the heart in its expression.


Piano Room Collage

The art work here is a collage I made with the brilliant modern artistry of Nathan Brutsky and elements by graphic artist itKuPiLLi 

Piano Rooms


Laura Botsford Music

Subscription    Laura Botsford Music


   Laura Botsford is a singer/songwriter originating from Toby’s Coffee House in Albuquerque  in 1976. She writes in a variety of styles, from Country,  Indie and  Jazz Fusion with ambient  and retro mix of instrumentals. The retro riffs and world beats are interestingly infused with a quirky “avanticity,” as she likes to call it. Her love of cinema and  story telling is evident in the ethers of her soundscapes that are, “the stuff dreams are made of.”

 “Life is a musical, and I’m one note in the song, coalescing the vapors and rhyming their stories .”   –  Laura Botsford

New release – Aquarium Funk

      Aquarium Funk is an innovative compendium of cool with wings, hip with the hap of old school meets break out contemporary jazz fusions of capriccio tuneful funky charm. Subscription Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

   Because you are so wonderful and I am thankful for your subscription and or  purchase, I am including the bonus track Angelic Funk. T shirt discount soon to  be in the merchandise section with a 20 % discount. Peace- Laura
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Aquarium Funk

Wishing Wall

Wishing Wall

    Wishing Wall is an Ambient Jazz Fusion with horns and eclectic percussion, harmonized with world culture voices and rocking retro riffs. It’s pleasing for easy listening, and meditative soul exploration.

Music for Wishing Wall can be found at these links –

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Prince of Peace

disc cover pp2

   Prince of Peace, is an epic story in orchestral grandeur illustrating the events of the birth of Christ. The sublime classical ambience of ethereal Middle Eastern vocals and eclectic percussions transports us to ancient sands under the Eastern Star.”                       – Laura Botsford

Music for Prince of Peace can be found at these links –

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