She Journeys  

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8 x 5  pocket-size hard back – 10%discount

   She Journeys is the thread of our longing, the whisper of our first stirring soul of the Divine She.  It is a collection of short romantic adventure stories of her magical metaphysical encounters into the lives of restless hearts along the Glitter Highway where    one might find her playing a piano at Valentines’, or meet her in a bayou serenade as she searches to connect romantic hearts in a circle of enchanted love.

   “Like a poetic dream that lures us all onto a path of curiosity and love, She Journeys tells an enticing story of the many paths between soul kindreds’.  One that embraces the mystic heart of the Divine Feminine Consciousness’ in all of  us .”          – Casey Leasure ,  Author      The Color of A Woman’s Heart

       she journeys cover


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