About Poet Streets

      A quiet place where Jazz plays, poets write and dreamers dream; believing in the rendezvous’ of artistry.

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   The present path of poets has led me here. This is a place for me to write about the heart of a poet’s place in the eternal play. These are reflections, bits and pieces of a journalist’s blackboard, my scrabble upon the ethers,  graffiti musings on a cyberspace ribbon. All writers long to be read. We are one of the same breath and the living soul of our natural born Creator – haloed in the fruit of this season, spoken in words of gentle waves across a meadow of  feathered quills. written surely by the hand of poets who gather in the dawning light to surrender to the winds of inspiration. Reflecting on the not so serious, and filling in the  abandoned  vacuous portals of each other to offer up words, songs, art and inspiration to all; we come with quills readied, dipping into wells of human experiences to regale our tales in song and prose. I particularly like gathering friends pieces that are moving. There is a reverent regard to the poetic artistry where we cross each others paths. I feel honored to come upon their works and stand in the brilliance of them as a fellow traveler in the rhythm’s of  a poets pen and an artists brush, noted and sung in the listening.





3 thoughts on “About Poet Streets

  1. Laura, thanks for following me. I like the top banner pic on your site – i would like to spend a day in those nineteenth century (?) bohemian streets. Loving the joy, life, love and mystery in your spirit.

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