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Days Like These

Days Like These

The rain and storm curves around my kites of bliss and challenges them to compete in the air for life

I have feared, I have lost at the hands of tribulation

I lean and bend as far as the rushes will take

Until they are ripped from the banks, tormented by waters ceaseless falling, flowing dripped and steed in wrenching floods

I am not alone, but it sure feels like it

The lights went out for hours and all I could do was sleep and then sleep some more. Deeply surrendered to a vacuum dreams sucked out of my head

If I were alone in a void

I would know of thee even though we seem to be far apart a passing breeze tells me you are there and I have brushed your cheek.

The editor’s note my alignment of words and thought tend to opt for elaboration, it is a tedious task that is arduous but seeks to transform something complex into a feeling. Oh crap, I think I will go feed the compost with shredded poetry and hope the earth can make something better of it than I can.

I am not a sad writer, just one that is a bit lazy today

The weather bluster of darkness looms in the air with gray, and I fear my new mood swing will take on more damage, once again; I am given this vacant space of pondering to write in.

If only there was someone to listen and say,

“Yeah I get that, and its all right.”

A Portal Portrait

Portrait of a Changing Woman


Sand Poem

Ancient Bells


To believe that you echo me is to hear the bell chimes from long ago.

There is star dust in my flesh.

There are deserts in my eyes, and my feet are lit with a fresh wind where my soul and heart shall mesh

I see you now… it is you that I feel

Still I ask, “Will you stay? Are you real?”

Somewhere a leaf has fallen

It lands on sapphire water

I hear you calling.

I see your footprints in the sand.

The flame is burning the wood

There is no time to be false

For the camel nears the eye

And my days are beautiful in the heart of God

This wave of salvation carries me

From out of the foundation of collective memory, I deepen

In wide expansive spirals, I coast across the sea

These winks from the stars guide my way, as God wants me to know Her endless light.

And in the rocking lull, I wistfully sail above the troubled  fright

Faithfully pray for her angel’s embrace

Here along the sand,  in poems  that lovers write


Valentines From Long Ago

My Love Song

                      Memory Wind by Laura Botsford

I am a living memory in every life that ever invited me to join with them to rustle old leaves

Moving them on from autumns’ auburn and golden blush  crinkled and chipped

from  summers well lived.

I have raised the first breath of Spring out from the frozen crystals of winters sleep.

I have been the fragrant scent of flowers basking in the sun of a summer’s garden noon day deep

And I have held you in the coolness of a shaded tree,

protected you as the resting bird from the glaring heat.

Opalescent and green

Transmutable in every season, I stand beside you,  clearly seen

You are not alone

You are my heart’s desire and everything is moving us into a serendipitous surrender

And remember  that we have never sinned

            As we glide in our places

                                                   Effortlessly on  wind

Though time and love escapes into creases of faded letters

and borrowed memories hold us barely together

Bound and bought

There is no weather that will forsake our love, from where  molten candles once burned brightly,

Extinguish not

Woman to Woman

    Woman to Woman    by Laura Botsford

I ate of the vine, I ran in the wind, I cried out for wisdom until I had no tears left.

   I looked for love in those that had never kissed the sun to find their own warming peace. Who stayed in shadows because they didn’t know they deserved all that was good.

   They counted money, they bought fancy things and rode in long cars until there were no roads left. They were unaware that wisdom was theirs all along. They left childhood dreams behind in the tall grass; when indeed it was how they saw themselves from the beginning and yet chose to abandon the innocent wonder of it all.

   And why? Because they were told they should, no my dear; it is childlike wonder that always renews, keeps one keen and gladly surrenders a compassionate heart to one in need.

   The pouch of wishes, the rainbows one sees in a sky full of hope, and the ever contemplation of lush avenues of forgotten worlds that tender joyous memories more so than that which was not. This is you, the one with a sparkle of soft indigo in her eyes, the loving one who has hands, and arms always readied  for embrace. There are caverns and causeways that can capture your will, steal your soul. They were carved in times of un-evolved knives of low self esteem, self hatred by wounded knaves of misfortune and to many hardships; the human plight is pithed with these plunderers of joy. You are wise, you are rich with your own experiences, and you have me to talk to.

Awaken Oh Hearts

Laura Botsford

I walked along a wicker road to somewhere clean. Sometimes
when I think it’s time to go, a little bird comes along and whispers from a
tree that is indeed a good time to be free but the story of flight
must be told,

How the fragile grass can survive the step, is a miracle.

As morning brings a feather of dew softly upon its velvet green mat
and the rain comes to renew it from the crush.

Once again its spring is back, upright green and lush.

How startled is the discovered ground to find it’s just a
little taller the next day after under going so much.

Never the less, my front porch is fillled with geraniums and my back door is steeped in the scent
of honeysuckle.I musn’t despair, for love takes care to circle back again unknuckled

And though the years have craved the younger bloom

I am not certain that I would want the tomb.

Lovely summer and knowing Autum befalls me still

For each season is my reason to stay alive.

I have given the roads many a travel

Where that my heart unraveled the soul of a woman whose name
is neither a mans nor womans, but who is my one light

My one song

My universe

Up the staircase of my garden leads me to its fair retreat.

Where friends in their silent beauty I am sure to greet.