The Red Tent

The Red Tent

   I was deeply touched by the story of Dinah in the book and film, The Red Tent. It is much more than a story of her life and times to me. The circle of sisterhood is deeply felt, and one of great spiritual significance in the family of women. I treasure the devotion of the Mothers, and that they honored the Mother of us all. It came as no surprise that Jacob destroyed their clay representation of her, all through the ages, and particularly in the Bible, little is mentioned of the divine women and the root of us all; the connection we as humans have with Mother Earth.

   This Classical Ambient collaboration with Simon Reich is the circle of life, and the sacred bond of womanhood in song.
The piano part was something that came to me one day at my sisters house. I remember that it was like speaking a beautiful psalm or poem. I only had a scratchy recorder with me at the time, and months later I asked Simon Reich if he could recreate it. I deeply value the care he took in phrasing it just the way it happened, and the lilting sacred sound at it’s heart. I added the music arrangement of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes because, It is my wish, and my dream that all people will honor Womankind and cherish the Divine Nature within us all.

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