Unicorn Giraffe and Eva Marie

Unicorn Giraffe

by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman

    I remember a time of magical twists and imagined turns so poignant that they collected in a pool where I dove down to catch the silver spoon to hold it in my hand like a magic wand. The music flowed easily, smooth as rain on a summers day. The children played across the street in the neighbors yard, squealing with delight and I was reminded once again of the sheer innocence of being tuned in to channel Imagenarium.

   Unicorn Giraffe is a wondrous book for children that boosts their belief in themselves first before they can be truly loved by others.  I have included some of the music here from the ebook as well for your enchanting enjoyment.

Ebook on blurb of Unicorn Giraffe


Featured Image -- 1553

Unicorn Giraffe by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman

   So it came one afternoon, that all the dreams of a young girl appeared in a cloud and fell from the sky and landed right in her own back yard. There were rain mirages of the festooned birds that held flowered hats on their heads, ribbons woven into the tails of zebras and little larks that rode ceremoniously on their backs. It was one of those magical nights when all seems to fall into place. Evie Madeline Marie, stared out her window and listened to the thunder roll across the sky, as gentle rain misted into the rain gutters and spouted out a rivulet of clean water into the brown earth below, funneling life back into everything once again. Once there is a wish, it is bound to come true.

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