Journey of Fairytales Art

   In tandem with writing a story, I gather up images of the characters as I see them, much like rehearsing a play in full costume. I write cinematically, I think it’s because of my experience with playwriting, and my romance with the big screen. These are my main characters for Journey of Fairy Tales as I see them in my mind’s eye. I collaged these together as a pictorial expression of who they are and claim no rights on the original images.


    The Tree of Leaves holds the stories that were ever written. Once upon an Aftertime they were kept safely in the Land of Emeria until one day they were savagely stolen by the Armies of Namerus. Kingston and Isla must direct the natural alchemy of the elements and forge an ambitious expedition through the portal at the precise moment of the Linkalee Alignment in order to recover them to preserve the future of all imagination.

 Zea and Kingston Avery

Zea and Kingston

Journey of Fairy Tales Cover Art

Journey of Fairy Tales Cover

Princess Bindi Is Awakened By the Sunlight

Bindi's Pond

Journey of Fairy Tales Ep  Music $9.99  16 tracks


Kingston and Isla in the Tree of Leaves


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