Giants in the Night

   The village must be saved from being crushed by horrific Giants. With the help of the Twelve Magicians of Adaya, their quest depends on the courage of one you boy, Hiram, and King Fu, his dragon. For Young Readers, and anyone who has nightmares.


    Hiram was sleeping quietly in his bed, the room was silent, and there at the edge of his bed lay his protector; his stuffed dragon, King Fu, the mighty. The curtains blew in the windows gently, rippling ever so slightly in the breeze. Outside a howl screeched, Hiram closed the covers over his head. He knew what was coming. The ground began to shake with heavy footsteps reverberating through the walls of his room with an eerie approach, louder, and louder, coming closer down the street. 

   “You hear that King Fu, they are getting closer to the town,” he said, his breath becoming louder and louder. “The Giants are coming to step on our houses; we’ve got to get them before they reach the village!” He got out of bed. “Come on King Fu, it’s up to us.” 

   He put King Fu on his window sill and said the magic words, “Abracadabra, King Fu grew larger and came alive. Hiram got on his back and they flew out the window over the village. He could see the three giants coming down the hill, their eyes cold as black stones, their huge mouths menacingly groaning. Hiram drew his optic fob wand from his side, pointing it at the middle of one of the giant’s heads, ready to fire the penetrating sound that would freeze him right where he stood; when a gust of wind blew them off course and sent them spiraling into the trees. They crashed, dangling tenuously in trepidation.    

     “We’ve got to get out of here King Fu!” King Fu roared, flapping his wings to loosen their grip on his wings. A storm was brewing in a cauldron of black clouds, “You can do it, and try harder!”  They thrashed in the tree, lightning crashing over their heads, and striking the ground. He could hear the screams of the people as the Giants came closer, he was desperate to be freed, to save his people. 

   King Fu struggled, and with one more ferocious roar, unleashed them from the tree. Above them was a blood moon rising, lighting all the clouds in crimson auras as they moved swiftly into the sky. There below them were the Giants, stomping the trees, and crushing boulders under their tremendous feet, howling in the wind. Hiram drew his orb wand out again as they reached the watchtowers outside the city where the watchmen were relentlessly ringing the bells in warning, however futile it might be, they bravely kept on though their souls trembled with every step closer the Giants took.

The Rise of the 12 Magicians ~ Chapter 2

 It seemed hopeless, fatal doom rested over the land.  The people had nowhere to run to, with heavy hearts, fearfully confused, mothers held their babies in their arms and wept, children screamed in wild abandoned billows of grief and terror; fathers sought desperately for places for them to hide, but to no avail, for if they reached the city; all would be destroyed. How can one so small as Hiram defend them against these gargantuan giants wreaking this wretched havoc upon them? 

   Out of the clouds appeared the twelve Magicians of Adaya, who have the power to make a difference in our lives, and in the world, if we simply make a point to try. The Counselors of Adaya,  bring inspiration in order to assist all with transition, and change. They inspired one to receive divine communication directly from Source, aligning them with who they truly are, blessed in the soul’s arousal of confidence and strength; receiving their inspiration meant that Hiram would  fully discover that love, and compassion, are the only way forward to freedom – an initiation that is announced in the breath of heaven. There in the whispers of their communion soul, they surrounded young Hiram, and breathed upon him light, in fulminating beauty, emanating a steady force field around him; supporting him with the courage of his heart, the strength of his body, and the willingness to succeed; something that had always been within him, but now, with the help of the Twelve Magicians of Adaya, transcended any doubts.

      Hiram drew out his orb wand, pointing it towards the Giants that angrily growled, and clawed the air where Hiram and King Fu flew. Fearfully glaring eyes pierced through Hiram, he held on tight to the mane of King Fu with one hand, wand in the other steadily aiming; waiting for the right moment to send the omission that would freeze the giants. With every bone, and fortitude of muscle and might, Hiram wheeled to the left and beamed out a long penetrating sound designed alone for stilling the monsters. The wind swept across the sky spinning the clouds into quick stills in flashes of the crimson moon that eerily lit the giants faces in maudlin angles, hauntingly obscure, and ugly. The giants stopped for only a moment to see Hiram and King Fu in the sky, gloriously surrounded by the Twelve Magicians in a magnificent orb of light. 

   The first giant reached up to swipe them out of the sky, annoyed as if they were no more than a fly. The second giant bellowed at them as if by doing so, he could scare them away. The third giant reached up to catch them in his hand with what would be a crushing clasp; it was then that Hiram sounded the orb wand. 

   “Stop your destruction giants, I am not afraid, I have the power of light and sound, go now or forever be turned to stone,” Hiram yelled believing in his power. He heroically fired the wand, and the giants began to solidify into mountains where no trees would ever grow; their faces transfixed in disbelief as they remained there frozen for all time. The people below cheered and were safe again as they returned to there homes and slept in peace.

   The sun was coming up in the east of streaming light through his window. Hiram woke up, and held King Fu close in his arms, and smiled. No longer was he afraid because he had faced the giants and his fears head-on with confidence he knew from that day on that true power comes from within. 

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