Over the Rainbow


 Surely a dream must have a song, this is a classic common tale that we all share.

   Why do I love this song? is it because it reminds me of my childhood? Or perhaps speaks of dreams coming true? Yes, all the best of life fulfilled eventually, after the longing, in the sweet sadness of life’s woes and disappointments.

   There in the heart of everyone is this universal truth, somewhere we can escape to, someplace where we can live our dreams. It is a common calling that comes with being born. No matter your fortune, good or lack of, there is always something we want to make right, to have or be delivered from. In a world of such diverse contrasts, it is an ignitable presence in all of our lives that resonates at our core and surely seeks a hopeful distraction.

   When I was young, the elders spoke…

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Preface for Prayers for the Artist

Prayers for the Artist-Laura Botsford


Leaning Church-Tim Sorsdahl

Leaning Church by Tim Sorsdahl

Preface for Prayers for the Artist

by Laura Botsford


   The story of the artist is a breath page from a book found written long ago in the halls of a poet’s dreams, written with nature’s brushes in quiet places where evening subsides into stillness.  The images and sounds can be found like bells waiting to be rung. Only some find that these apparitions are fleeting, vivid, and then disappear as one wakes suspended between reality and dreams. It is in this regard that the desire for the ability to hold the flame, and channel the river is what we have come to talk about in this book. It is where the in-between moments are saved and savored, scribed in detail for a lasting reflection of guidance and support.

   It is also for those that feel that they are lost in the spheres’ of indifference, casually displaced like mismatched shoes and…

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Song to Garden


romantic woman_pe

 Song to a Garden

I walked along a wicker road to somewhere clean. Sometimes when I think it’s time to go, a little bird comes along – whispering from a tree … “It is indeed a good time to be free, but the story of your life must still be told,”

How the fragile grass can survive the step is a miracle. As morning brings a feather of dew softly upon its green mat and the rain comes to renew it from the crush.

Once again, its spring is back; upright green, and so languidly lush.

it is startled in discovered ground to find it’s grown oh so much

My front porch is filled with geraniums,

My back door is steeped in the scent of honeysuckles.

I worry not, for flora and fauna are my friends.

They caress ma femme’ and circle her back again,

Abundant and rested

Abloom once again

And though the years have craved the younger bloom

I am not certain that I would want the tomb.

Lovely summer, and knowing autumn befalls me still

For each season is my reason to stay alive,

That is my will

I have given the glittered roads many a travel

Where in trials my heart unraveled the soul of a woman whose name is neither man nor woman

But my one authentic light bedazzled.

My one song

My garden universe unfrazzled

My resplendent repose

My garden leads me to its fair retreat

Where friends in their silent beauty, I am sure to greet.

With song voluminous -heartfelt – we speak- of none less than the flowers that lay about our feet.




New Music EP – Aquarium Funk

Aquarium Funk is out in the atmosphere on bandcamp.com

Aquarium Funk is an innovative compendium of cool with wings, hip with the hap of old school meets break out contemporary jazz fusions of capriccio tuneful funky charm.

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Giants in the Night

   This is truly exciting as a writer to have soundtracks added to one’s writing. I am thrilled with the process and the expert technology that enhances the story so well. The variety of  tracks are cinematic and wonderfully recorded. There is a feature to each one that allows one to fade into the next, overlay ambient and sound effects, giving the reader a truly enhanced reading experience.

   For fun and practice, I wrote a short story called Giants in the Night in the young reader’s category. It’s free to read on your tablet and phone too. It can be read here please review and leave a comment if you like.


   The village must be saved from being crushed by horrific Giants. With the help of the Twelve Magicians of Adaya, their quest depends on the courage of one you boy, Hiram, and King Fu, his dragon. For Young Readers, and anyone who has nightmares.


Days Like These

Days Like These

The rain and storm curves around my kites of bliss and challenges them to compete in the air for life

I have feared, I have lost at the hands of tribulation

I lean and bend as far as the rushes will take

Until they are ripped from the banks, tormented by waters ceaseless falling, flowing dripped and steed in wrenching floods

I am not alone, but it sure feels like it

The lights went out for hours and all I could do was sleep and then sleep some more. Deeply surrendered to a vacuum dreams sucked out of my head

If I were alone in a void

I would know of thee even though we seem to be far apart a passing breeze tells me you are there and I have brushed your cheek.

The editor’s note my alignment of words and thought tend to opt for elaboration, it is a tedious task that is arduous but seeks to transform something complex into a feeling. Oh crap, I think I will go feed the compost with shredded poetry and hope the earth can make something better of it than I can.

I am not a sad writer, just one that is a bit lazy today

The weather bluster of darkness looms in the air with gray, and I fear my new mood swing will take on more damage, once again; I am given this vacant space of pondering to write in.

If only there was someone to listen and say,

“Yeah I get that, and its all right.”

A Portal Portrait

Portrait of a Changing Woman


Unicorn Giraffe and Eva Marie

Unicorn Giraffe

by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman

    I remember a time of magical twists and imagined turns so poignant that they collected in a pool where I dove down to catch the silver spoon to hold it in my hand like a magic wand. The music flowed easily, smooth as rain on a summers day. The children played across the street in the neighbors yard, squealing with delight and I was reminded once again of the sheer innocence of being tuned in to channel Imagenarium.

   Unicorn Giraffe is a wondrous book for children that boosts their belief in themselves first before they can be truly loved by others.  I have included some of the music here from the ebook as well for your enchanting enjoyment.

Ebook on blurb of Unicorn Giraffe


Featured Image -- 1553

Unicorn Giraffe by Laura Botsford and Teddi Rutschman

   So it came one afternoon, that all the dreams of a young girl appeared in a cloud and fell from the sky and landed right in her own back yard. There were rain mirages of the festooned birds that held flowered hats on their heads, ribbons woven into the tails of zebras and little larks that rode ceremoniously on their backs. It was one of those magical nights when all seems to fall into place. Evie Madeline Marie, stared out her window and listened to the thunder roll across the sky, as gentle rain misted into the rain gutters and spouted out a rivulet of clean water into the brown earth below, funneling life back into everything once again. Once there is a wish, it is bound to come true.

Jazz Group

     There is a certain evanescence found in Jazz that is conversational,  melodically composed in a nuance of notes that is a kind of sound braille to touch upon, and translate through a whole body experience.  Maybe it’s because it is rooted in my childhood when my father, and I would listen to his albums together on a Sunday morning; that was our church, our communion, our sanctuary of lyrical repose.

   I absorbed Louis Armstrong, Dizzy, Chet, Oscar Peterson, Miles and more with rapturous meditation listening to the grooves, of syncopation, forks in the melody line, overlays of instruments speaking to each other, and pauses filled with anticipation of what would be wondrous next.

   There is a musical happening on soundcloud that is more than the songs themselves, it is a community of like minded creative souls sharing their passion, igniting the fire of what I have named, avanticity; a place where music is reborn.

Loving Jazz as I do, especially innovative Jazz, I created a group on sound cloud so here for your listening pleasure, is our friends on soundcloud.com.