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Giants in the Night

   This is truly exciting as a writer to have soundtracks added to one’s writing. I am thrilled with the process and the expert technology that enhances the story so well. The variety of  tracks are cinematic and wonderfully recorded. There is a feature to each one that allows one to fade into the next, overlay ambient and sound effects, giving the reader a truly enhanced reading experience.

   For fun and practice, I wrote a short story called Giants in the Night in the young reader’s category. It’s free to read on your tablet and phone too. It can be read here please review and leave a comment if you like.


   The village must be saved from being crushed by horrific Giants. With the help of the Twelve Magicians of Adaya, their quest depends on the courage of one you boy, Hiram, and King Fu, his dragon. For Young Readers, and anyone who has nightmares.