Laura Botsford Artist in Education

View a United Imaginations Workshop Here

 United Imaginations Workshops – Books Written with Children

“This is a fantastic concept, having children create their own books within a structured program that, nevertheless, permits them to utilize every aspect of their imagination and then experiences the great satisfaction of seeing their creations materialize to be shared by others.” – Lois Duncan Author


 Five Fantastical Tales written and Illustrated in black and white by the Children of J. Austin White Cultural Center in their 2014 Summer Camp, in Eudora, Arkansas.

  Truth In Changing Stars                                                                                                                             Teen Essays, Poems, and Paintings from children in protective custody.

“Art is the greates expression of one’s self, whether it is in a painting, drawing or the written word. Often children in Care don’t feel heard. This class has given them a voice. It has validated what they have chosen to share with us.”    – Bonnie Hicks, Vera Lloyd                                                                                                                         Presbyterian  Recreation Director


 Laura Botsford Arts in Education with the Arkansas Arts Council

 Laura Botsford Arts in Education with the Arkansas Arts Council

                                   Laura Botsford Artist in Education   –  Arts Council Link

     Laura studied acting at the McPhail School of Performing Arts in Minneapolis.  She attended El Camino College, where she majored in Early Childhood Development and Modern Dance.

   Laura shadowed the Artistic Directors of Minneapolis Children’s Theater studying and immersing herself in the technique that Mel Brooks aptly describes as,” coalescing the vapors.” She taught arts and crafts and produced her first small play at MTC in a children’s Summer Arts Program. She opened a studio for teaching children how to write, act and produce their own plays called, The Little Rascals Theater in Portland, Arkansas between 1992 and 1997. Her strength is cultivating the inner imagination of people of all ages, and giving wings to one’s innate creative expression.

  “Laura displayed the competence and creativity that have marked her professional involvement in our community.  She has established a reputation as an extremely capable, effective coordinator, public relations person, and a friend. Laura has the capacity to work independently if needed.  She can be entrusted with difficult, long-term assignments, knowing that they will be completed in a thorough and efficient manner.”  –  Linda Armour – Lakeside High School Principal

    “Ms. Botsford worked very well with youth and provided a basic knowledge base in theater, play writing, stage production, acting, public speaking, and job skills training.”                            Toyce Newton – Phoenix Youth CEO

Laura’s United Imagination Books, written with children can be found here.

   She has written 14 plays with children, most recently Portland Elementary school’s Spring Musical called, Whispering Spring,  aptly performed by grades K- 5th grade.

   She also is available for writing radio scripts with communities. In 2012 Laura wrote and directed WPDB Radio Show  for the Downtown Beautification Fund Dinner Show Raising Event.

I also write plays for Children and music for their productions

Her fresh mellifluous approach to teaching theater craft and literature is infused with artistic riches of life learning skills. She is also available for speaking engagements, and arts in education workshops for teachers, PTO’s and administrators. contact page on her website.

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