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Sand Poem

Ancient Bells


To believe that you echo me is to hear the bell chimes from long ago.

There is star dust in my flesh.

There are deserts in my eyes, and my feet are lit with a fresh wind where my soul and heart shall mesh

I see you now… it is you that I feel

Still I ask, “Will you stay? Are you real?”

Somewhere a leaf has fallen

It lands on sapphire water

I hear you calling.

I see your footprints in the sand.

The flame is burning the wood

There is no time to be false

For the camel nears the eye

And my days are beautiful in the heart of God

This wave of salvation carries me

From out of the foundation of collective memory, I deepen

In wide expansive spirals, I coast across the sea

These winks from the stars guide my way, as God wants me to know Her endless light.

And in the rocking lull, I wistfully sail above the troubled  fright

Faithfully pray for her angel’s embrace

Here along the sand,  in poems  that lovers write


Piano Rooms

   How sweet it is to find friends in the piano rooms of web spaces interwoven with fresh  originality and wondrous expressions of completely new sounds!   Such is the joy of collaborations and the muse for a musician’s soul path. Recently I had the distinct honor and  joy of collaborating with Simon Reich on sound cloud. These moments of coalescing the collective vapors are truly exhilarating, in a world of musical isolation for some, such as myself I welcome the opportunity for creating with others. I have always favored harmonies over lead vocals. I marvel at how truly ascetic the experience is to blend voices and attain the one voice   a chord and resonates the heart in its expression.


Piano Room Collage

The art work here is a collage I made with the brilliant modern artistry of Nathan Brutsky and elements by graphic artist itKuPiLLi 

Piano Rooms


Laura Botsford Music

Subscription    Laura Botsford Music


   Laura Botsford is a singer/songwriter originating from Toby’s Coffee House in Albuquerque  in 1976. She writes in a variety of styles, from Country,  Indie and  Jazz Fusion with ambient  and retro mix of instrumentals. The retro riffs and world beats are interestingly infused with a quirky “avanticity,” as she likes to call it. Her love of cinema and  story telling is evident in the ethers of her soundscapes that are, “the stuff dreams are made of.”

 “Life is a musical, and I’m one note in the song, coalescing the vapors and rhyming their stories .”   –  Laura Botsford

New release – Aquarium Funk

      Aquarium Funk is an innovative compendium of cool with wings, hip with the hap of old school meets break out contemporary jazz fusions of capriccio tuneful funky charm. Subscription Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

   Because you are so wonderful and I am thankful for your subscription and or  purchase, I am including the bonus track Angelic Funk. T shirt discount soon to  be in the merchandise section with a 20 % discount. Peace- Laura
small AF preview

Aquarium Funk

Wishing Wall

Wishing Wall

    Wishing Wall is an Ambient Jazz Fusion with horns and eclectic percussion, harmonized with world culture voices and rocking retro riffs. It’s pleasing for easy listening, and meditative soul exploration.

Music for Wishing Wall can be found at these links –

 CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon

Prince of Peace

disc cover pp2

   Prince of Peace, is an epic story in orchestral grandeur illustrating the events of the birth of Christ. The sublime classical ambience of ethereal Middle Eastern vocals and eclectic percussions transports us to ancient sands under the Eastern Star.”                       – Laura Botsford

Music for Prince of Peace can be found at these links –

CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon

More Music on Bandcamp.com  and Soundcloud