Piano Rooms

   How sweet it is to find friends in the piano rooms of web spaces interwoven with fresh  originality and wondrous expressions of completely new sounds!   Such is the joy of collaborations and the muse for a musician’s soul path. Recently I had the distinct honor and  joy of collaborating with Simon Reich on sound cloud. These moments of coalescing the collective vapors are truly exhilarating, in a world of musical isolation for some, such as myself I welcome the opportunity for creating with others. I have always favored harmonies over lead vocals. I marvel at how truly ascetic the experience is to blend voices and attain the one voice   a chord and resonates the heart in its expression.


Piano Room Collage

The art work here is a collage I made with the brilliant modern artistry of Nathan Brutsky and elements by graphic artist itKuPiLLi 

Piano Rooms


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