Prince of Peace

Release Sneak Preview of Prince of Peace

From Prince Of Peace CD  – Soon to be released on November 30th, 2013

Prince of Peace Christmas CD by Laura Botsford

Prince of Peace

Ambient Classical Christmas Music with Symphonic Movements and Melodic Middle Eastern vocals, transcendent woodwinds, brass and eclectic world beat percussion.

Isaiah 9:6-7

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 7 Of the increase of His government and peace There will be no end, Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, To order it and establish it with judgment and justice From that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

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Chet Baker

Chet Baker

Where did you go? Why wasn’t the music enough for you?

Like so many, to many musicians in the 50’s all lost in a  sea of heroin

adrift in dissonance, loaded and stoned by the denial of your own light Beauty Bashed and Broken life

banal and though somehow you survive inbetween the vinyl grooves and romantics like me

and now that I find your left over dreams,  I wonder just what does this that mean?

Are you just a note away from coming back and doing it right this time?

maybe I’m old fashioned, maybe you married an angel and ain’t coming back

But the moonlight over Vermont lights your way, the autumn leaves rustle, waiting in new sheet music then

just around daybreak I see you coming with the wind, you belong to me, my funny valentine.

There is that long ago and faraway feeling of you younger than springtime once again.

Through the clouds, over the rainbow , your soul, time after time, to finally be all that you are.

I’ll be waiting, when you come back with that silver lining.

Love,  your little girl blue

Wishing Wall

Wishing Wall by Laura Botsford

Ambient Jazz fusion with horns and eclectic percussion harmonized with world culture voices and rocking retro riffs. Ideal for easy listening, meditative soul exploration and inspirational motivation. Permission only if the picture is linked as well to CD Baby purchase.


About the Writing of Wishing Wall

  I began realizing what was happening when I wrote Swedish Prince. In a mystical touchstone moment of encountering my Father’s Spirit in the song as it unfolded, I recognized that he was encouraging me to return to what I have always loved; writing songs. So here I went on this wonderful adventure of taking each brick in my wall and returning myself into the wish-fold of my bliss and the belief that some things lost, can be found again.

Tevers Tune, is from the album Wishing Wall.  This Jazz/Ambient Fusion with playful sounds are woven with threads of retro instrumentation, with just the right touch of ethereal voices.

   Ambient Jazz fusion with horns and eclectic percussion harmonized with world culture voices and rocking retro riffs; ideal for easy listening, meditative soul exploration and inspirational motivation.    I believe that we engage in the mystery of crossing paths and soulfully connecting circles of friends all enveloped in a spiral of ribbons in the sky, laced artfully through serendipitous music, prayers and wishes.

   Each circle is completely different from the other and netted in their own time. What is curious to me is the ongoing adventure of who I will have the honor of meeting next through the wishing wall.

Sojourns and Sweet Dreams- Laura

Tevers Tune

In celebration of our brothers 6oth birthday! I wrote a song for him on the new CD. He recently was pretty sick and was in the hospital for a couple of weeks so I am contributing all purchases of this song to him. To help out Steven Reinhardt,  just click the link and it will take you to the site. Steven loves vintage toys and quirky things, so the middle break in the song is all about this treasured part of his personality

Balancing on Light Beams

Balancing on Light Beams is from the Wishing Wall CD.

 Ambient Jazz Fusion with lyrical piano and soft ethereal dreamy vocals. It is a smooth ride of easy listening, meditative soul exploration that will take one away from it all into a peaceful place.

Sympatico Siblings

November 3rd  2012

Children are a wonder and heartache all at once. They daily have emotional wrestling matches with the fundamentals of life’s etiquettes. Sibling rivalry between brothers and sisters with their moments of joy and angst are as irrepressible as storms to spring. By nature both inevitably are destined to clash in thunder and lightning until there are daffodils. The circle of sibling seasons should have a natural flow that will better lay a foundation for all their life. How to find that happy little tire swing that they will remember when they are grown up takes planning, patience, wit and whimsy.

Example: Sister is blissfully playing with her dollhouse and brother puts his Ghost Buster action figure on the roof. “Get that off my house! She yells.

“Egon is saving them from Marshmallow Man.” He replies, hurt and offended that she won’t let him play. “Go away!  It’s my dollhouse I can do whatever I want … MOM!” They both come running and surround me like an invasion of angry bees. I take a breath, pause and then speak, because this little bit of time that I take for myself, slows them down and subtly gives them a tool they can use in their own decision making.

It’s important to recognize a child’s personality at the time because the dynamics of the two of them together will decide the best avenue for encouraging ongoing dialogues. My daughter is independent, a director at heart, organized, passionate and always outspoken. My son is easy going, animated and compassionate. They are both singularly complete opposites in a situation. The daughter is the oldest too so this in itself lends a certain innate responsibility to manage their childhood while as my son just wants to be himself. He wants to play with her and truly feels that he can bring his own fun ideas to the table. She wants to play her way.

The conflict question is: How do I help them both get what they want? Playing together is important in raising well-rounded individuals who will grow up having the skills to creatively exercise effective democratic communication. It starts at birth.  First child is the center of attention until the new kid in town arrives and then it can go one of two ways; my new little buddy or get out of town by sunset. This is an ongoing power struggle best realized early on so as not to be terribly shocked and over react when sister is pushing brother’s infant swing like an entry in Xtreme sports, or when brother chases his sister around the table threatening to clobber her with his plastic pirate sword. “Aarrrgh,” I say. “Come my little mateys to the sand pits we go.” A quick change up of tone with a little English accent can greatly improve a heated situation. Diversion works well. Alternative activities that you know will easily get them into their own play worlds is a masterful tool. Once outside brother prefers the sand box and sister would rather swing. A child will behave as well as they are treated. If the diversion tactic isn’t working here are three simple guidelines.

  1. Always  speak to a child’s sense of higher reason, calmly stating the compromise      so they can feel that it is born out of civility and fair play. Be clear. For example I suggested to them both. “How about if he puts his ghost      buster house on the floor and becomes your neighbor next door? You can both play at the same time side by side.”
  2. Encourage  proper conversation by repeating what they are saying to you in a  controlled tone of voice even when everything they are saying is loud and  whining of objections. “You mean put his stinky station next here? I don’t want it touching my doll house.” I cheerfully said,  “Yes, he could put his ghost buster station next to yours but have enough yard space between the two of you to play in. You know like neighbors have their own yards to put their  boats and cars on.” Drawing outside similar scenarios from the grown up  world sets an example they can relate and aspire to. Every kid wants to be  a big boy or girl.
  3. The  louder you talk, the louder you will have to be the next time. Decide your level of volume and intensity early on and say it like a part in a play.  This way your own emotional involvement will be less taxing on you in your  children’s ongoing autonomy dramas.
  1. The key to fighting over toys is to put the toy up somewhere high, I liked the refrigerator. Tell them that they have to talk about how they want to play with “the thing” between themselves first. Emphasizing the thing, ie. the toy car, ball, or book as not belonging to anyone in particular. Portraying objects as belonging to no one reduces favoritism and puts it in perspective. The moment transforms from a who do you love more moment into a negotiating practice between the two of them.  It becomes a ‘what to do’ dialogue rather than a “Mom loves you more.” If they are at a loss, flip a coin to decide who goes first. They find this game of chance fun. Help them decide how long each will play with it. Set a timer.
  1. Another consideration can be that there is more to this than just the fight over a toy. It can be there is something else going on. Maybe one isn’t feeling well, is hungry, over stimulated or tired. Try to pick up on this and let the child know. “Honey, you are tired. Go get a book and we will read for awhile.” “Sweetheart, let’s go make a snack.” “Come sit on my lap for awhile until you feel a little better, I think you might need a little rest.” Sometimes one or the other might  truly need a little more attention because they are feeling left behind and invisible and it’s important to make them feel loved. Try as much as possible to have a family team attitude. “Why does he get to sit on your lap and I don’t?” One child might hurtfully object so tell them. “Because right now he is feeling bad and when he feels a little better I will hold you next. Besides you have important decorating you want to finish in your doll house.” A return to the original playtime idea reminds them of their initial goal that are happy to embrace again.

The human experience should be a place where all things in life are universally felt, recognized and respected. These challenges should offer rational choices. The practice of reason in the home should always establish fairness and not favoritism and opens the door to yours and your children’s own well being. Life doesn’t have to be a tug-of-war and a parent should emulate this resolve as much as possible. Tired of the fighting? Can’t take it anymore? Tell them. “I have heard enough of this bickering. If you can’t play nicely together, then go play by yourselves until you are ready to compromise and work it out together.”

Negotiating skills can be taught at a very early age and pretty soon they become second nature. My daughter and son to this day understand pretty well how the other is going to respond. In fact, they depend on this history of communication.

They now own and manage together the Brick Room Event Center and Kings Conway in Arkansas with their partner, Marcus Bobbit.

Recently I was in their office, observing the day to day duties. I sat there proudly as they negotiated with a client on the phone, outlined the priorities’ of the day with clarity and fairness to the well being of each other and the company.

Their childhood popped up in my mind with a string of turn key moments, sometimes fraught with tears and anger, but mostly elevated with the sheer love of having each other in their lives.

I drove home; south along the 130 mile stretch between us now reflecting back on these parenting days and once again was reminded of the guiding words of Gibran on children.

“Your Children are not your children

They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

They come through you but not from you

And though they are with you yet they do not belong to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts.

For they have their own thoughts,

You may house their bodies but not their souls,

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.

You might strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.

For life goes not backward not tarries with yesterday.

O sacred plums

The day of my departure from the old has come and now I must be with my dreams to pluck the plum

O certain joy with all its challenge to keep, rocks my heart into peaceful sleep

abandoned in the whisper of October’s falling leaves

the scent of fresh and crisp winds to tussle my hair until

the sweet taste of harvest I will seat and savor there  my breakfast fair

Christmas Time is Here – Love and Dreams to Share

Tis the season to be creative! Enjoy the best present of all; just Being Present.

   Human nature seems to crowd the avenue with random thoughts of  wanting to be somewhere other than where we  are now. Is it because we are sad because we didn’t do one of something and not enough of the other? Are we always in a state of achievement or expectation of achieving? Or are we content to just soak up the ambience of the moment? I ask myself this a lot. I gather my busy-ness around me like a mantle in the hope that it will keep heartaches away, worries at bay and insulate me from the despondency of others. I am troubled by universal consciousness. My empathic bones creak with cold at the dispassionate rise of insensitivity. It floods my senses and distracts me from joy. Worst of all I don’t always know what to do about it.

   How about you? Is your Christmas Time just a rush of wondering whether someone will like their presents rather than just be in the presence of each other? Will relatives be mad because you didn’t spend enough on them or fight over what so and so did a million years ago? Are we drinking too much guilt injustice punch? I long for the Kid feel of Christmas again. The elevation of the magic of make and believe. I long to hear stories of best christmas ever or what makes your holidays wonderful and meaningful to  you. So please just add a comment, a note, a cheerful tiding or word to poetstreets blog of something other and more of being present. 

Awaken Oh Hearts

Laura Botsford

I walked along a wicker road to somewhere clean. Sometimes
when I think it’s time to go, a little bird comes along and whispers from a
tree that is indeed a good time to be free but the story of flight
must be told,

How the fragile grass can survive the step, is a miracle.

As morning brings a feather of dew softly upon its velvet green mat
and the rain comes to renew it from the crush.

Once again its spring is back, upright green and lush.

How startled is the discovered ground to find it’s just a
little taller the next day after under going so much.

Never the less, my front porch is fillled with geraniums and my back door is steeped in the scent
of honeysuckle.I musn’t despair, for love takes care to circle back again unknuckled

And though the years have craved the younger bloom

I am not certain that I would want the tomb.

Lovely summer and knowing Autum befalls me still

For each season is my reason to stay alive.

I have given the roads many a travel

Where that my heart unraveled the soul of a woman whose name
is neither a mans nor womans, but who is my one light

My one song

My universe

Up the staircase of my garden leads me to its fair retreat.

Where friends in their silent beauty I am sure to greet.