Christmas Time is Here – Love and Dreams to Share

Tis the season to be creative! Enjoy the best present of all; just Being Present.

   Human nature seems to crowd the avenue with random thoughts of  wanting to be somewhere other than where we  are now. Is it because we are sad because we didn’t do one of something and not enough of the other? Are we always in a state of achievement or expectation of achieving? Or are we content to just soak up the ambience of the moment? I ask myself this a lot. I gather my busy-ness around me like a mantle in the hope that it will keep heartaches away, worries at bay and insulate me from the despondency of others. I am troubled by universal consciousness. My empathic bones creak with cold at the dispassionate rise of insensitivity. It floods my senses and distracts me from joy. Worst of all I don’t always know what to do about it.

   How about you? Is your Christmas Time just a rush of wondering whether someone will like their presents rather than just be in the presence of each other? Will relatives be mad because you didn’t spend enough on them or fight over what so and so did a million years ago? Are we drinking too much guilt injustice punch? I long for the Kid feel of Christmas again. The elevation of the magic of make and believe. I long to hear stories of best christmas ever or what makes your holidays wonderful and meaningful to  you. So please just add a comment, a note, a cheerful tiding or word to poetstreets blog of something other and more of being present. 

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