Unicorn Giraffe Score

New Orchestration of Unicorn Giraffe

  This lovely arrangement of Unicorn Giraffe was done by KMG Music of the Heart Strings Quartet- The Sheet music is for two violins, cello and viola. It is for sale for all classical enthusiasts looking for a children’s piece to add to their repertoire. Can you imagine a world where the most different of sorts find friendship? Are you one that might be so unusual that you think it impossible to find a place belong? The Unicorn Giraffe thought so until he realized that he had to like himself first before others would like him. He had to believe that what set him apart from the others , is what made him so unique. The love he sought was there in him, and only until he realized this would his life be fulfilled. There is a light within you may if ever be near.

More Music from the potential collaborative play


Once upon a time in a distant land, there lived a Unicorn Giraffe
He was the only one of his kind that he knew of, he was the only one of his kind that he could see, He was a lonely he.

He would graze in meadows date palm leaves he would eat, then in the afternoon when it was hot, he’d go down to the stream, He’d go down to the stream, Child of the river.

Verse 2

Yet at night, when the stars burned bright, he would sit, he would sit beneath the moon and he sang a sad little song that went like this,  He’s sing, send a friend to join me send a friend to know me, send a friend along, send a friend along.

Verse 3

And All the birds they echoed in his wish as did the frogs, the mice and the silver fish, they sang,  glubb, glubb,  ribbit,  Iiee,  la tweet.
Well the days seem to spin by although he was lonesome he ceased to cry, rather he sang a different tune, beneath the hopeful gentle moon.

And it came to pass, but not too soon, beneath this hopeful, gentle moon there came another giraffe, he didn’t have a unicorn,  that was alright, for it’s what you are inside, it’s what you are inside not what you look like and together they sang.


There’s a light that shines within me, may it always be quite near, it’s my best and truest friend then there’s you my dear.

Four Piece Orchestral Sheet Music can be bought on Bandcamp.com

Autographed books of the story are on the Etsy Store

Unicorn Giraffe is also on Blurb with a full preview.

The Original Song – written in 1972 and recorded on a little radio recorder in Inglewood California so my audio isn’t that great. I added the strings last year.

    Play open for collaborative mini grant visit my website to be inspired

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