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Healing Mantras and Prayers

The Power of Mantras and Prayers

The power of Mantras echoes through our beings and heals us and with that the world as well. As we add to the collective consciousness of our humanity into a radiant beam of light and love we can change all things for the better. From the most ancient of Sanskirt prayers and chants that date back 5,000 years ago, I find resonance in my being as if the star seed I was born of awakens from its source. These sounds vibrate in our veins and regenerate our cells.

The Gayatri Mantra is regarded as the oldest living mantra. I began listening to Deva and Miten at the beginning of the Pandemic and found solace and strength in their songs and mantras. At first, I was just drawn to the vowel sounds and melodious melodies, drinking in the vibratory nectar, inhaling and exhaling each sound into my being. Then I became interested in what they meant. Om is the sound of the universe, the seed sound, and the sacred cosmic yes.


The word “Gayatri” can be translated as “song (gaya) of freedom (tri)”


“Goddess, who protects the singer” (gaya – song and trai – to protect, the same word as the “tra” in mantra)

The divine qualities/ deities expressed in the Gayatri Mantra:


BHUR – earth

BHUVAH – atmosphere

SVAHA – beyond atmosphere/solar region

TAT – Ganesh – the remover of obstacles, revealer of possibilities

SA- Narasimha – the protector

VI – Vishnu – the sustainer

TU -Shiva – the transformer

VA – Krishna – the divine beloved

RE – Radha – the divine feminine

NI – Lakshmi – abundance

YAM – Agni – fire

BHA – Indra – the king of gods

RGO – Saraswati – learning

DE- Durga – protection

VA – Hanuman – devotion

SYA – Prithvi – earth

DHEE – Surya – sun

MA – Sriram – virtuousness, purity

HI – Seetha – feminine devotion

DHI – Chandra – moon

YO – Yama – death

YO  – Brahma – creation

NAH- Varuna – ocean

PRA – Lakshmi and Vishnu – abundance/sustaining principle

CHO – Hayagreeva – intelligence and knowledge

DA- Hamsa – swan

YAAT – Tulasi – holy basil/plant

Planetary Alignment

The day approaches of the collective clarion call

New pathway lines will move in gentle circles.

The ladies within the close atmospheres of sisterhood take hands in alignment, touching the air with strings of buoyant beams.

They loop and curl and connect with the honey of sacred trust.

Emotive voices sing out the sounds that change the orbits and move the stars into place.

I have seen the cycle repeat and ascend many times.

In amazement, my spirit sensibly coordinated the treasures of your wisdom.

My hands surrendered to God and the words we came to speak evolved into a rain of mirth and contentment upon the world.

   Space echoes my song and dearly embraces the wounded in a spiral of commitment of collective well-being that we might all benefit from.

   Meticulous Maritimes created in madrigal harmony lilt lovingly across the cosmos, unveiling new novas already in thought and chanted song.

   The flocks of the gallant light bearer gleaners gather us from within moving us out into the orbits of change. Teachers of God, Teachers of Love, and miracles of well-being willed by origination always emanate to us the ancient spiritual laws; setting a course for all to be transposed by. Our shapes are shifted by thought and intention. If I am to become thee, you must first believe in possibility, for the soul of mankind is at hand and only the Christ She will return us to the Kingdom of Heaven.

                                                          – The She