Echoes Across the Land

Echoes Across the Land

In these days of retrospect when entitlements are seeking a pass have come to be passé. The wings that carried some of us have lost feathers and the galloping of horses riding over the mountain can be heard. I cast off the old and embrace their thundering as they shake the earth with truth and uncompromising devotion to a better way of being. There on the mountain their dust can be seen descending in a holy cloud devoid of self-righteousness. I am listening. I am changing. I am opening myself to a greater understanding.

    I do not mean to be so different. I just seem so because you are not used to my ways but there is more of me than the ages have seen. My future is in the face of a child so love them well and give them strength as the endless song of the river flows through all treasured border lands touching every shore and filling every whirlpool in discovery until my presence is upon all nations.                                                                      

In the circle of wisdom where the sacred songs are sung and the light-workers pray is the resonating echo of love and kindness, respect for the experience the elders bring to the table the welcoming arms to the young to take up the torch of decency and equality. I see them as one I see them each taking a path of enlightenment for all human kind. The generation of children born to save us from ourselves.

   These radiant beams and haloed renderings of fortuitous fruition of our inherited awareness are painted on the faces moving past me on a carousel.

   Why not be simple, why not be free of worry, and ego’s image consciousness? I have not wanted anything from you except for you to know how much I love you and am pleased with your just, and pure of heart well-being.

   No criticisms, only a chat with you at the feet of God. You are important and you are blessed; anything less than that does not serve.    So that is what the books are saying and the hundreds of thousands self help audios. My pod cast is simple. Just go about your day knowing that in every moment I am there loving you and occasionally serving tea.      

2 thoughts on “Echoes Across the Land

    • Thank you Michael, I appreciate your sincerity and the fact that you took time to read it. I write from two places often, from my own perspective and a feminine spirit deeper within that I call The She, they are intertwined and lately She is rising.

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