Music Muses


Music Musings

Music Musings

Music Muses 

   There are so many wonderful indie artists out there these days. I could spend, and oftentimes do, peruse the plethora of self published musicians and song writers on soundcloud, bandcamp, YouTube and the wondrous discoveries on radio air play, and spotify are melodiously melded in pure originality. I have dedicated this page to help put out some buzz on the ones I have stumbled on and left a better person for having heard them. The following I have seen at Kings Live Music in Conway.

Randal Shreve at Kings Conway

Barett Baber

Akeem Kemp Band

Jamie Lou and the Hullabaloo

Tyler Kinchen- I Wanna Know LIVE at Kings in Conway

May 21, 2020

Tyler Kinchen & The Right Pieces- “What Must I Do?”

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