Angels Among Us – Saints Within

   Natural Enchantment is the remembered elegance of one’s soul. We are at once the echo of the divine and the pursuit of our affirmation on earth; all entwined in the struggle of being loved, and dealing with what we find unlovable in ourselves.

   I’ve been giving some thought as to what it is we do that makes us happy. Is it the people we love or the people who love us: sharing in the cherished  history of friendship? Is the angel we seek  the one whose can turn it all around and sniff out danger ahead and whack it with a big sword? Or is it the one who floods the senses with a huge amount of love that we can’t seem to give ourselves?  Among us our human angels, who’ve stepped in to say, “I am here, you are not alone.” Maybe it’s all about what we choose to believe.

  There is a great love for each of us.  I try to remember this when I see those that are hurt, and broken, their cords to Life Source entangled in a belief system that keeps them there.

We seek to be free, they say, and I remembered that song by Donavan.

“Calves are easily bound and  slaughtered, never knowing the reason why, but whosoever treasures freedom, like the swallow learns to fly   Why don’t you have wings to fly with, like the swallow so proud and free? How the winds are laughing, they laugh with all their might Love and laugh the whole day through and half the summer’s night

Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Don a Do, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Dona, Don a Don”

The long somber trailers rumbled through town, filled with unsuspecting cows going to slaughter, their moon eyes were dilated with confusion and lost lonely emptiness slumped their gaits in down trodden despair.   We have all felt like that at one time.

There  among the pieces of sanctioned misery, for all those who have lost, or never had their freedom;  there is a promised land. Out of the ruinous catastrophes of their seemingly hopeless lives there is a light. If one can Remix wonder with the beat of humanity;  then you will have something that resonates in the now, transcends the devastations of the suffering, and clasps hands with the ones who can take the simplest  of moments to soothe themselves again.

 “To all  you souls, who’ve lost your hope when the world you dreamed about is falling down. Would it mean a thing if you heard me sing about the ways a good life could be found. And the glowing embers still alive.” – Michael Tomlinson
New CD due out this Winter -2016 –

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