Decorating My Heaven

Decorating My Heaven  – Laura Botsford

I am against the tremors of earths shaking.

A platonic tectonic should be the fault plane with no stick slip behaviors to ruin mankind.

No timber or mortar upon the road

No tsunami to bash the helpless

Decorating my Heaven, my moments magnitude without divergent brittle boundaries.

Fixed and certain the ground should be.

Never faltering from its sane and safe places in lasting luminosity

The common laws of nature would not be allowed in my perfect world.

These simple rules would abide

           Only soft and gentle rain resides                                    

                   Sweet breezes filled with the scent of ones currant flavored flower.
                         and yes…  Snow only on Christmas Eve and day  …  Yes, all that is natural beams in

                                   amber reflections  of  everlasting beauty

                                             that never falters from cherished Cherub faces

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