Mists – Weekly

Boehme Rap

December 26th 2013

    Flirt as she was in the style of her mother – left in dance a beauty – no other – She tangoed – fandangoed – billowed and mewed – her life was driven by   dreams often mis-con- strued – a Dona a Diva – a lover of muses – a dancer – a poet a person of interest – she danced in her chair -wore butterflies in her hair – she – yes, the treasure of man – the illusion of longing – the peace in the present – the embrace of belonging.



  Release of Wishing Wall on CD


  •   Soundscapes of wonder, breezy blends of jazz and retro riffs ride through each song like a sound poem homage to  Chet Baker and Herb Alpert meet New Age.  True modern techno ambiance of rhythmic congas and ethereal voices are all woven with musical surprises that transport the listener into a  time capsule of gathered styles and joyously transcend one into a new world.


December 2nd-2012 – Faithful Love

   We are just a moments dream in a vast body of one being. My Divine She – The creator of my humble soul.

   Our laughter is sometimes the only thing that gets us through. Our Faith and our hope that the tide of emotions this season will bring us to gratitude door. I pondered on the unfulfilled fragments of my life today, hoping to make peace with the sorrowful caverns, scoring up the wear of years in my bones and trembling in the cold absence of my loved ones lost. It doesn’t serve to hold on but to remember that today is all we have and that which I cannot accept must change.  I mustn’t be afraid I should love all that is good in this day. Maybe after I put away the last of yesterday, I can finally sleep in peace and rest in knowing that tomorrow will be a better day.


So this is Christmas? November 25th-2012

   For those of us who love the sanctity of Holidays in their own seasonal time frame I applaud the many conversations and dialogues about Black Friday and the over commercialization of Christmas. I am in favor of the purity of cherishing family and faith.


November 6th, 2012

  I Voted – and this is why

October 29th-2012


   A tree is an open book, certain to flow in  rings  of  life remembered in circles, seasons and in works of expression. Turn each page slowly with all your heart and mindful care.  Allow each part to tell of each bud, bloom and fallen leaf;  for seasons should be all that is reminiscent of what we’ve chosen to feel.

   October 2012 – Halloween Howls and Trips the Mist Fantastic

    This is a time for sacred solstice and my child’s birthday. A chance to dress up publicly and live out ones’ own theater for a night. These are my lovely moments in life. If I lived anywhere else, I am sure I would dress in costume all the time except on Sunday, when I would just wear cozy PJ’s and kimonos.

   The crisp air and crimson leaves fill the air. It is the song of fall and in my little writing corner I remember the trick and treats of childhood. There was a pine tree grove down at the end of our stone retaining wall, that harbored a secret portal to all who gathered therein. Looking back,  I see it to be a wise place of spiritual awakenings because often there were Owls up above that talked to my brother and I. We dreamt of adventures yet to be. We spoke of faraway places that we would travel to, things we would create and tell haunting and humorous stories about in plays. Our street was magical, filled with imaginative children and young at heart adults. The Fall brought neighborhood bonfires and pot lucks, dismantling the dock was celebrated with a party as another summer well lived. We had it all growing up on White Bear Lake. The summer plays and variety shows were tucked away until next summer vacation when we would roll out our best dances and premier scary plays like Mother’s Revenge, Roaring Twenties, sport our best leotards and beatnik sweaters to a stylized  modern dance to the song, Pipe Line. Tricks and treats, and chants of smell my feet were our mission as we canvased Neptune street, seeking out the ghost of Lulu and charming the neighbors out of candy.

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